Plaid Switching Accounts - processor_token? Expiration?

If I let a user choose between bank accounts for payment, should I be generating a new processor_token every time? On the other hand, do processor_tokens ever expire?

Hi @ngwattcos!

You would only have to generate a processor_token once per bank account when adding a funding-source to Dwolla. After adding the funding-source, you will be using the funding-source ID for creating transfers. To answer your second question, processor_tokens don’t expire.

Thank you! To clarify, suppose I have 3 account_ids - is the one processor_token enough to create a funding source for all 3 accounts?

Hi @ngwattcos, I’m afraid one processor_token would not support creating 3 funding-sources; each funding-source would have to be created with a unique processor_token tied to that bank account.