Removal of a Funding Source

(Jacob Ramirez) #1

According to the Dwolla API documentation, when performing a funding source removal, Dwolla processed a soft deletion, which means we will be able to retrieve a funding source information that was previously removed but it will no longer be available to perform transactions with it. (source)

Now, when trying to test processing failed transactions, according to the same documentation, there are two failure cases when a funding source MUST be deleted after failure happens. Here is the following table where that information is found:


Based on that, I have two questions:

  1. If Dwolla will perform a removal of a funding source automatically, is it going to be done in the same way I described in the first paragraph?
  2. In case the answer is Yes, will I be able to know when and why that funding source was deleted?

(Cory Anderson) #2

Hey Jacob,
Thanks for the detailed question!

An R03 Return Code could happen when a Customer enters their Bank Account Number incorrectly. In this case, Dwolla will soft delete the bank account. Like you said above, you can retrieve the details of this bank account, but will be unable to initiate a transfer with it.

When will the bank funding source be removed?

The funding source will be removed after the transfer fails. In this case, a customer_bank_transfer_failed event will be fired. This will trigger the customer_funding_source_removed event wherein the bank funding source will be removed.
You can check out a list of events and their descriptions here

Why is the bank funding source removed?

The funding source is removed to keep transfers from being created using a bank account that isn’t valid. By removing a funding source, you will be unable to create a transfer using this bank funding source as either the source or destination of a transfer.

(Jacob Ramirez) #3

Thanks for your answer. I think that works for me