Sandbox Balance not matching Transactions

Using Sandbox, I did a test Transfer from Customer to master funding account
I can see the transaction in the list in the dashboard, and I clicked “Process Transactions” to complete the transaction.

But when I look at the Current Balance for my account, it does not include that $100 transaction, only the other two. ie its €5050

Just wanted to check if this is correct, I would expect the Balance to be 5150 for the 3 transactions above, or am I missing something?

Hi @peter.kerr , It appears that the $100 incoming transaction passed through your balance in Dwolla and completed to a connected bank account. For the created $100 from Peter Kerr, did you specify the destination funding source ID that represents SuperHero savings bank or the ID that represents the balance associated with your account?

Thanks, I didn’t initially get the differene between the Bank account and the Balance as being two separate funding sources. I see now that they have two distinct IDs.
Can I check then that if the money is on the Balance, that the phsical money is then kept with Dwolla? Is there a limit to the Balance kept there? Does it cost any more (or less)? What are the advantages of keeping the money on the Dwolla Balance? Is there a particular US regulations around keeping money on a e-wallet?

Hi @peter.kerr,

The funds in a Dwolla Balance are held within our Financial Institution Partners on behalf of the Verified Customer or Dwolla Master Account.

There isn’t a limit to the balance held in the Dwolla Balance.

It is made available to all Verified type Customers automatically and does not cost extra.

Here are some helpful articles to understand about the Dwolla Balance, its advantages, and the ways in which it can be utilized.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you come across any questions!