Should the Transfer Amout be pre or post Facilitator Fee

Assume that there is a $100 charge with a $0.50 facilitator fee. When submitting the request_body, I did this:

request_body = {
    '_links': {
      'source': {'href': source_bank},
      'destination': {'href': destination_bank}
    'amount': {
      'currency': 'USD',
      'value': '99.50'
    'fees' : [{
       "_links": {
          "charge-to": {
             "href": "" + str(dwolla_customer_id)
       "amount": {
          "value": '0.50',
           "currency": "USD"

When I received the customer_bank_transfer_completed webhook, the value is 99.00. The resource for this webhook is:

This makes me believe that I should not be subtracting the fee from the amount when submitting the transfer - is this correct?

Hi @jmtichell – that’s correct, you don’t need to subtract the fee amount from the transfer amount (charge amount) when creating the request. The transfer amount and fee amount are processed separately.