Slack Integration

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I had been working with the helpdesk since November on an issue with our organization’s Slack/Dwolla Integration with their last compunction being “This is an apparent bug, but I do not have an update on resolution at this time, unfortunately. I’ll ask our product folks now to see if they have any updates we can share on the progress here.” - I haven’t been able to get an update, does the team on this board have any insight into it’s Dev track?


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In addition, is there a work around to able to be notified when a ACH fails - In particular if it’s approved then at a later date it gets canceled(reversed) as the bank has up to 60 days. I’m very concerned that I currently have a blind spot towards this.

Hi @Vinyield, I’m currently working with our Customer Support team to find out the details of the thread with helpdesk.

As for your second question, we do send notifications via webhooks about transfer failures. The webhook doesn’t necessarily mention that it’s a “reversal”, but you should have the record of the transfer being processed (completed) from a previous webhook, and infer that it’s a late return!

Let us know if you have any questions in the meantime!

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@shreya any luck on the Slack issue?