Document status stay in Reviewed

Some customers have been in the document state
These customers have uploaded files
I see that these files in the dwolla dashboard have been in the reviewed state for more than half a month
I want to ask why there is no webhook callback

Hi @Zehui_Long , Do you have a document resource ID or a Customer ID where you’ve observed this behavior? I can take a look at our webhook logs to see if I can find anything. Thanks!

Thank you for your feedback.
We have resolved the previous issue through email communication, but we have encountered another problem.
Currently, I am working on a transfer scenario to withdraw cash from a customer’s wallet to a bank card. In case of transfer failure, I am wondering if the ACH return time would also be two business days or if it would be returned immediately.
Additionally, if a two-day return time is required, could you please advise me on how to listen through webhook for the return?

Hi @Zehui_Long , we currently don’t support this operation via the Dwolla API. Is this being done outside of Dwolla?

I’m sorry if my expression is confusing.
This is an operation within Dwolla.
Let me briefly explain my business scenario.
I verify customers and add bank cards for them.
After customers earn money on our platform, they can withdraw it through their customer wallet using Dwolla transfer API.
If their withdrawal fails, how long will it take for the funds to return to the customer wallet? Is it immediate or does it take two working days?

Hi @Zehui_Long , if the withdraw fails, then the funds should immediately revert back to the users wallet/balance.