Testing transfer failures

I named my destination funding source as R03 and initiated a transfer. But when I process transfers, this transaction becomes Processed instead of Failed. I see that my webhook has 2 customer_transfer_created and 2 customer_transfer_completed events. Then I tried to process transfers again and I see that my webhook has a customer_bank_transfer_created and a customer_bank_transfer_failed events. But the transfer is still in Processed status.

Can you explain why my transactions are not becoming Failed status even though I name my destination bank as an error return code? Am I missing a step to simulate transfer failures?

Hi @andrew-willow!

It appears that this is a transfer to a Verified Customer type. In that case, this is expected behavior – the second leg of the transaction fails due to an R03 return from the bank, however, the funds were still successfully transferred to the recipient’s Dwolla Balance funding-source, which is why it is processed. If you retrieve the funded-transfer link from the links in the resource, it will take you to the final leg of the transfer which is failed.

You can check out this gist to find out all possible scenarios that a transfer may encounter and the webhooks triggered in each scenario - Outlines the sequence of events that are triggered for a subset of Dwolla payment flows that are bank-to-bank via ACH · GitHub

Thanks @shreya!
I have been referencing that gist resource, and I think my transfer falls under scenario 3. But I’m still unclear on which of the failure cases for scenario 3 will result in a transfer failure status?
I also tried R01 return error but it seems to have a similar behavior. For both, I get a Failed Transaction Dwolla email but when I click the link to View Failed Transactions none of these transfers show up in the table.

Hi @andrew-willow – sorry for the late follow-up. Are you able to share some transaction IDs of the ones that are exhibiting this behavior?

hi @shreya. i think the transactions that are most confusing me are:
f2eed5aa-a069-ec11-813c-f6ddd36b41b8 which failed for R01
147635f8-4a8f-ec11-813d-ca84ae5ee1fb which processed but has a failed related transfer for R01
im not clear what the difference is between these 2? and also what flow can i use to test a failed transfer?

f2eed5aa-a069-ec11-813c-f6ddd36b41b8 – This one looks like a regular ACH return from the source. It’s the Fail - ACH return on source bank scenario from the Gist.

147635f8-4a8f-ec11-813d-ca84ae5ee1fb – This one looks like a regular return on the destination bank. It’s the Fail - ACH return on destination bank scenario from the gist.

Why it failed with a R01 is because the destination bank name was update to R01 while the transfer was still “in flight”. It was then updated to R03 later that day after the transfer was already processed.

Hope that helps clarify things.

thanks @shreya. i see how the 2 transactions match the different scenarios. but i am still confused why both did not fail for R01 (ACH return on source bank). i tried to reproduce the same steps but the transactions have different results. can you explain why they did not both fail with R01 on source bank?
just to clarify, i changed the destination bank name to R03 afterwards because the transfer was not failing how i expected and i wanted to try a different case.

Ah, that’s because using the R01 bank on the destination side works the same as an R03 return in Sandbox.

In order to test a true R01 Insufficient funds return, you will need to name the source bank as "R01" for regular returns, and "R01-late" for late returns (post-settlement).

Similarly, to test returns on from the destination bank (bank not found / invalid account number), you will to name the destination bank as "R03" for regular returns, and "R03-late" for late returns (post-settlement).

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thank you! i did not realize that it mattered which bank had the return code name, and thanks for explaining R01 vs R03.

Hi @shreya. I was testing transfer failures after your explanation, since now I understand this note: There are a subset of ACH return codes that trigger systematic actions within the Dwolla system. and what it refers to.
Basically, R03 will fail the customer bank transfer and then remove the funding source. Is there a return code that I can use to simulate Fail - ACH return on destination bank without removing the destination funding source? I tried to add a funding source named R09 or R20 but seems like these are not allowed.

Hi @andrew-willow – of course! I’m glad it helped clarify things :slight_smile:

I’m afraid R03 and R03-late are the only supported simulations in Sandbox for destination bank account failures since they are the most common return codes we encounter from a destination bank account. In production, there might be certain return codes that won’t automatically remove the funding-source. You can check it out here - ACH Transfer Failures | Dwolla API Documentation