Looking for resources on testing transfer failures

I’d like to double-check if the girst listed on the answer below is still a valid resource? If not, is there any official reference to find out all possible scenarios that a transfer may encounter and the webhooks triggered in each scenario?

Hi @davidsonsns – that gist is still a valid resource!

As an alternative, we have another resource, Transfer Lifecycle interactive component, in the docs that lets you simulate a transfer and retrieve all webhooks possible in that scenario, however, it doesn’t have all the failure cases yet.

Hey @shreya - thanks for answering so fast

Regarding the link you shared, I’m not sure if I’m missing something, but I haven’t been able to reproduce any failure case. Perhaps the combinations I’ve tried aren’t covering this yet. Just flagging it.

Hi @davidsonsns – apologies for the confusion; we don’t currently have the failure cases in the interactive lifecycle component. We have them covered in the gist though!