The state of CA alerted me to monies in your posession

If my experience is any indicator of Dwolla customer service, then yikes. The state of CA Controller alerted me to the fact that you have $586 and something cents which is legally mine. It’s not a ton of money, but endless emails to customer service have gotten me no where. Part of me is like f it, it’s not worth it, but, alas, the fact that Dwolla has made what is a simple request into a major transaction has empowered me to withdraw these funds. So, anyone? I have successfuly created an account, but as I never have interacted with Dwolla, where those funds are is a mystery to me, and the auto reply directions on how to withdraw are …I’ll keep it to nice language and request a reply.

Hi @sarahpollak – I apologize on behalf of the Dwolla team for the inconvenience you’ve encountered trying to get help! :pray:

I just spoke with out Customer Excellence team and forwarded your message on to them via email and have included you in the email thread as well. Rest assured that our team will be taking care of this matter for you and help you with withdrawing the funds.

Please let me know if you don’t see the email. I sent it to the one you have used to sign up on this forum.