Transaction data for depository

Dwolla allows to query data for deposits made to the master account?

Hi @ricardo – you can list all transfers related to the Master Account by making the following call. You can also find more information in our API reference Documentation -


This list does include incoming as well as outgoing transfers in the Master Account. So, you would have to filter through the list if you want to extract just the deposits. There isn’t an endpoint that lists just deposits into the Master Account.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions!

But I would like to consult deposits made to the founding source outside of Dwolla, is this possible?

Hi @ricardo, are you looking to view transaction history of a particular user’s bank account?

Yes, but the particular user’s bank account will be the root / master account


Any update?

Hi @ricardo, Unfortunately Dwolla doesn’t have insight into the transaction history that exists at the bank level. You would likely want to look into leveraging a bank account aggregation service such as Plaid to be able to view history on a bank account. When we reference root/Master account in our documentation, we’re referring to a user Dwolla Account that is established when creating an account on This account can hold a balance and have transaction history which is tied to transferring funds into/out of or within the Dwolla network.

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