Transfer limit for receive only

What is the transfer limit from the dwolla wallet to a receive only customer?

Hi @Eddysoto – there’s no limit for receiving funds. The send limit for the Master account is $10,000/transfer.

Furthermore, our Customer Types documentation details the default send limits for each Customer type - Customer Types | Dwolla API Documentation

I mean a receiver only they don’t specify how much is the limit .

Would you be able to elaborate? I want to make sure that I’m addressing your questions.

How much can be added into my account from my billing source and how much can be sent at once to receive only customer.

The billing you source attached to your Master account cannot be used for transactions. It’s only used for Dwolla fees.

You can attached the same bank as a “funding-source” though. You can fund your Dwolla Balance up to $10,000 per transfer. The same send limit applies to sending funds out of your Dwolla Balance to Receive-only customers.