Is it possible to increase customer transaction limit?

Is it possible to increase customer transaction limit? We plan to use Dwolla on property site so amounts of deposit should to be send from customer to customer much greater than 10000$. So what you can advise to do in that case. May be send full amount by multiple transactions? Or we can call to customer support and increase limit for our customers?

Hi @Yuriy_Dovhopol

Increased transaction limits that are greater than what is outlined in our documentation require a further review of your application for approval. At the present time, increased limits are only available to Dwolla customers that are on a monthly agreement of some kind.

I would recommend reaching out to our Sales team for more information.

Hi thank you for quick response.
We will contact Sales and will agree with them all questions.
I have got one more question about customer types. According to docs Receive-only User type has no limits and can receive large amounts for one transaction as I see. Is it correct suggestion?

Correct in that a Receive-only user can receive a large amount of money in one transfer. An example might be receiving $10,000 from a Business Verified Customer in a single transfer.

Though Receive-only users do have many limits in what they can and cannot do. This user type maintains limited functionality in the API and is only eligible to receive transfers to an attached bank account. In addition, they can only interact with verified Customers and a Dwolla Master Account.