Typo in dwolla.js

Hey all,

I’m using react-dwolla-iav 2.0.5 which looks to be pulling directly from https://cdn.dwolla.com/1/dwolla.js.

The final confirmation screen is displaying this message on success “Your Your Account #2 - SAVINGS account has been successfully attached!”


Hi @ddevogel hope your day is going well.

I believe it has to do with both the way the confirmation sentence is structured, and how the bank is named.

Naming the bank a your prefix may cause it to appear as if the sentence is mistyped.
IE naming it your savings will cause it to read as:
Your Your Savings account has been successfully attached!”

Currently, we can recommend not having a prefix of your when naming the bank.
But we do appreciate this feedback! I’ll make a note for our product team to see what the feasibility of cleaning up this sentence.

Let me know if this helps.


Aha, he says sheepishly … thanks for the help Cory!


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Of course!
Feel free to tag us if you have any other questions as you progress :+1: