What info is needed to initiate a bank transfer in Dwolla?


Currently we ask users for their first name, last name, and email address before we take them to a screen to enter their routing number and account number. Does Dwolla check if the first name, last name, and email address match with what are associated w/ their bank? If they provide a fake name or nickname, would Dwolla fail the transaction?


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Hi @tk_disqo – thanks for posting! Dwolla’s doesn’t check to see if a User’ name matches the name in their bank account. If allowing bank accounts that possess the same name as the name provided when creating a Customer account is something you would like to implement, I would recommend checking out Plaid’s API which lets you retrieve information about the User based on the Bank accounts they authenticate. You can also use Plaid+Dwolla integration to then add these bank accounts as Verified funding-sources to the Customer accounts in Dwolla.

Hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions!

Hi Shreya,

Thanks for the reply. Does Dwolla check to see if a user’s email matches the email associated with their bank account? What does Dwolla check?


Ah, sorry missed out the email part. Dwolla doesn’t have a way to check that the email, or the name matches the email/name associated with their bank account. When a bank account is added via the API using the Account and Routing number, we only check to see that the routing number is a valid US routing number that supports ACH, and that the account number is within 4-17 digits.

Hi Shreya,

Thanks again for your reply. One more question, does Dwolla require first name, last name and email address to create a Customer account for bank transfer?


Hi @tk_disqo – that’s correct. Dwolla requires at least the email, firstName, and lastName of a person in order to create an Unverified Customer account, to which a bank account can then be added. Check out this doc to learn more about the type of Customers you can create in Dwolla - https://developers.dwolla.com/concepts/customer-types#customer-types