Unable to enable QuickBook integration in Dwolla Sandbox

When trying to enable QuickBooks integration with my Dwolla Sandbox account, I’m prompted to login/sign up. However, it’s not registering my existing account. I’m getting this error: “Please check your email address and password and try again.” When I try signing up (again), I get “This email address already has a Dwolla account.” Am I missing a step?


Hi @Ethan_Chen! Is your Dwolla Sandbox account associated with the email you’re using here? If not, please DM me your email and I can take a look!

Yes it is! Thanks for the reply.

Thanks, Ethan!

Your Sandbox account looks active and well to me with the last successful login today. I wonder if you somehow ended up on the Production signup/login screen when you got the error “Please check your email address and password and try again.”.

Would you be able to try it again and make sure that you’re on this link when trying to login? - https://accounts-sandbox.dwolla.com/login

Thank you for looking into this! Yes, the linked worked and I was able to login. However, when I go to Integrations > QuickBooks > Edit Integrations, I am prompted with an error.

Ah, looks like we a took a look into this error after Jahzel shared it with us! This error seems to be something unrelated that doesn’t affect the integration. You can also test by making sure that you’re receiving updates in their Quickbooks account.

Do let us know if you run into any other issues with the Quickbooks integration!

Yes. I’ve been in touch with him via email. If this isn’t really an error, I’ll go ahead and test it in my Sandbox account. Thank you and Jahzel!

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