Unable to verify a bank account (micro-deposit)

I’m unable to simulate a bank account micro-deposit failed verification attempt. It keeps saying:
The requested resource was not found. BUT, the founding source was successfully added and is listed on the sandbox dashboard.

For some reason this is happening only for this account in particular. Our QAer is re-testing this flow and got this.


  • Environment: Sandbox
  • Customer ID: 2fbe2ad6-5155-4bd3-a505-924f8758f01c
  • Founding Source ID: dfcc91b8-b7d2-4b7e-855f-d71d0ec6f05b
  • Routing/Account number: 091300023

We’d like to double-check if we’re not covering some edge case. Please let me know if I can provide more information.

Hi @davidsonsns , Looking at our API request and response logs and there seems to be quite a bit of requests within a short time span to create a funding source, initiate micro-deposits, and verify micro-deposits. I’m wondering if there is some contention in the Sandbox with the volume of requests that is causing issues with the state of the resource. I passed this on to our engineering team for further investigation.

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@davidsonsns , we believe this is due to the sequence of requests where the Funding Source is being removed which removes micro-deposits. When we receive the request to verify, which is causing the 404, the funding source had already been removed.

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Got it! Thanks for your help to understand this.