URGENT Unable to create customer via API


When we attempt to create a customer using production credentials, we receive the following response:
“code”: “Forbidden”,
“message”: “The supplied credentials are not authorized for this resource.”

This was working as of 13 hours ago. Please advise as this is a mission critical component of our application.

Please help!

Hi Joshua!

Apologies for the trouble. It appears that your account was limited to only creating Receive-only entities. We have updated the settings for you to be able to create Unverified Customers as per your contract.

Please give it a try again and let us know if you come across any issues!

Hi Shreya,

Thanks for responding quickly. Is there a way we can make sure that this won’t happen again? This stops us from receiving payments so it is super important for us to fix. We just tried again and it works now.


Hi Joshua,

Great! Thanks for checking and letting us know! Again, apologies for the overlook.This shouldn’t be happening again as long we don’t manually change the settings, and that’s only when a request is put it to update it. If you do come across any issues, please feel free to post here and/or email us at support@dwolla.com with your Dwolla account’s email address and we will have someone helping you out!

Ok, thank you!