Using dwolla-v2-ruby return one user

(Mass Venture) #1

I see the docs and can only return all users from the api. using the following:

token.get "customers", limit: 10

If i would want to return one user (currently logged in user), i have the id. Shouldn’t i be able to just do this:

token.get "customers", id: "123asdf-12341-13241-1234"

First one works second does not. Ideas?

(Stephen Ausman) #2

Hey MassVenture,

You can get a single customer by doing:

token.get "customers/123asdf-12341-13241-1234"

(Mass Venture) #3

so if that is not working but the first one works what could it be scope maybe? all i get from the customer id is below with no explanation.