Using Plaid identity to create a Dwolla customer

Can my app use user identity retrieved from Plaid such as full name and email to create Dwolla customer with since I don’t want the user to have to type in full name and email?

Hey @PieOhPah this is a good question.
You can definitely utilize Plaid Identity to auto-fill in some information such as firstName, lastName, email, etc.

However, prior to passing data to Dwolla to create a Customer, you must obtain your end-user’s

  1. Acceptance of your Client TOS and Privacy Policy
  2. Acceptance of the Dwolla TOS and Privacy Policy.

There are two options for presenting the Dwolla TOS and Privacy Policy within your application flow. Regardless of the method you choose, you are responsible for capturing your End User’s expressed consent to the Dwolla TOS and Privacy Policy and providing an opportunity for them to review these prior to acceptance (e.g. provide a link to each document).
The preferred method for capturing express consent is to have your user check a box to indicate that they accept the terms (and Client TOS, if applicable), then click a button to submit their acceptance.

So while Plaid identity is a great resource for filling in form fields with Customer information, you will want to ensure that your Customer is explicitly agreeing to various TOS and PP. For more reference on this, feel free to consult your Integration Guide.

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