VAN Transactions

Hi, i have a doubt - suppose i created a VAN and i have the account number and routing number with me. Then automatically, amount is getting debited from the Dwolla balance. Do we have an option or how we can enable an option for the customer to choose - whether the amount has to be debited from Dwolla balace or from and other funding source available for the customer? May i know how it works?

@shreya @spencer

Hi @sonam – a VAN is always associated with a Dwolla Balance. If the Customer would need to use a bank account attached to their Dwolla account externally, they could do so by using the bank’s Account and Routing numbers directly.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions!

Hi @shreya ,

My question is can we have a control or option anywhere to set - currently it’s automatically taking balance from dwolla balance. What if i want that amount should debit from my dwolla funding source instead of dwolla balance whenever making any transaction using VAN?

Hi @sonam – there isn’t a way to set that option for selecting a different funding-source when using a VAN. It will always be debited from the Dwolla Balance.