Verify Micro Deposit drop-in, escaping

It looks like there is some sort of encoding issue in the title of the verify micro deposit drop-in, the end result is a funky display for the end-user.

I am using Angular, my code, nothing fancy going on:

  selector: 'app-micro-deposits',
  template: `
          <dwolla-micro-deposits-verify customerId="{{data.achCommerceId}}"
  styleUrls: ['./micro-deposits.component.scss']
      styles: "/assets/dwolla-styles.css",
      token: (req) => Promise.resolve(this.dwollaAPIToken(req))

Any thoughts?

This encoded string got into the dwolla-web.js I was including. I fixed it there, issue resolved.

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Glad you got is resolved! Thanks for the update, @David_Marginian.