What are different possible transaction status values and what do they mean?

(Manoj Goel) #1

We are working on integrating Mass payments but the transactions status values are really confusing and not clear what do they really mean. Please clarify what is difference between Pending, Sent, Processed and Complete status values? Also, please mention in what order do we get these status values.

On Dwolla website under complete activities (URL: https://www.dwolla.com/activity#/detail/24906525?status=complete), Status is being shown as “Sent”, while same item status is shown as ‘Processed’ on https://www.dwolla.com/activity#/

Also, on mass-payment-items/id URL using API, status is reflected as “Success”. It’s very confusing. Please clarify.

var massPaymentUrl = 'https://api.dwolla.com/mass-payments/4f4fb233-7e94-4554-aa63-a7fc00ef4d9f';
          .get(massPaymentUrl + '/items')
          .then(res => {
            console.log ("Inside get(massPaymentUrl) callback...");
            console.log (JSON.stringify(res));

            // Get list of payment items
            var paymentItems = res.body._embedded.items;
            console.log (paymentItems);

            // Process payment items list
            paymentItems.forEach(function(paymentItem) {
                var itemId = paymentItem.id;
                var itemUrl = "https://api.dwolla.com/mass-payment-items/" + itemId;

                .then(resItem => {
                  console.log ("Inside get(itemUrl) callback...");
                  console.log (JSON.stringify(resItem));

            }, this);

Inside get(itemUrl) callback, status for each item is being returned as “Success” while item is actually “Pending”. e.g. Item Id “b2a1f7f3-56ec-4e96-9357-34f6d24e80c4” is returned as “success” while on Dwolla website under activities search the status for this item is shown as “Pending”.

Please explain what is going on here?