What does "The maximum number of banks have been added." mean?

(Victor Tlepshev) #1

I am working with the sendbox account. So i am trying to create a user with his banking info!
A verified user is created with no issues. But adding a funding source wont go through! any ideas why?
I keep getting an error: “The maximum number of banks have been added.”

It happens to every user whether new or not no bank was ever added to these accounts!

Anyone please help?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@Victor_Tlepshev, White Label Customers can have a default max number of 6 funding sources attached to the Customer. Traditional Dwolla accounts can have a max number of 2 funding sources attached for a Traditional CIP Verified account and 1 funding source for Dwolla Direct accounts. Have you checked to see if there is already the maximum number of funding sources attached based on the account type you’re working with?

As a reminder, please make sure to not use real financial or identifying information in our Sandbox!

(Victor Tlepshev) #3

Hi Spencer,

Could you please tell me what information must be unique when submitting the funding source?
Also is it possible that the same funding source information was already used by another developer?
I have tried many different email accounts on my web application with no luck! I have opened a brand new sandbox account last night but still getting this same error.

Please help!

(Spencer Hunter) #4

When calling the API to add a funding source, you’ll want to make sure the account number, routing number, and type are unique per account that you’re attaching the funding source to.

(Victor Tlepshev) #5

Hi Spencer,

My colleagues and I did some investigation and noticed that when a customer is created in the uat environment a funding source is automatically attached to the customer without explicitly created a funding source for the customer. In other words the funding source is created automatically.

We are using the python SDK for Version 2 API.

(Spencer Hunter) #6

Hi @Victor_Tlepshev, My assumption is that you are creating “Verified Customers” via the API. If this is true, we’ll automatically add a funding source of type balance when the Customer moves to a verified state. This is similar to how full Dwolla accounts can hold a balance in the Dwolla network.

(Victor Tlepshev) #7


Yes, you are correct I am creating a “Verified Customer” via the API.
The fact that the system creates the “Balance” funding source automatically when creating a “Verified Customer” is not mentioned in the documentation. Can you tell me what is it that I need to do to replace the “Balance” funding source because realistically it is not the customer’s funding source?

(Nodakjones) #8

I’m having a similar problem in the sandbox. My use case is that businesses will create an account that will be verified. Then they will create customers that will not be verified. The customer will either create a funding source using IAV or by manually creating the funding source by entering the bank account and routing information. The IAV process seems to be working great. But the manually added funding sources gives us the error: The maximum number of banks have been added. When we query the funding sources for that customer, none are returned and when we look in the new uat dashboard, we don’t see any funding sources for that customer.

(Shea Daniels) #9

@nodakjones I’m assuming your manually added banks are being added using the API? If so, here’s one thing you can check:

Make sure POSTs for customer funding source are going to https://api.dwolla.com/customers/{id}/funding-sources

and not https://api.dwolla.com/funding-sources

If you’re doing the latter then you’re adding banks to your own Account and you may have hit the limit there.

(Victor Tlepshev) #10

I am posting it in this way as you suggest in your documentation.

client = dwollav2.Client(id = consumer_key,
secret = consumer_secret,
environment = ‘sandbox’) # optional - defaults to production

app_token = client.Auth.client()

funding = app_token.post(‘funding-sources’, funding_info)
funding_source_url = funding.headers[‘location’]
print funding_source_url

is this the right way to do so?

(Shea Daniels) #11

@Victor_Tlepshev That code snippet appears to be posting to the second link that I mentioned in my last post. That will add a bank for the Dwolla account that you currently have a token for.

If you need to add a bank for a customer, the customer needs to be in the path you’re posting to. The easier way to do this is probably to follow the links that we return in the API. If you do a GET on a customer, we should return a _links object in the response. This contains a list of available actions and their URLs. One of them should be for adding a funding source to the customer.

(Spencer Hunter) #12

@Victor_Tlepshev, you can ignore the balance if you do not wish to use it as a funding source within your application. If you only want to use a bank funding source then you can add up to 6 per Customer account and use the corresponding id of the funding source that you wish to transfer funds to/from.

(Nodakjones) #14

Yes, that was my problem. Thank you!


@shea would you happen to know the SDK equivalents to these two requests? Many thanks.