What's the charging fee for transfer

What’s the charging fee for rtp transfer?
What’s the charging fee for same day ach transfer?

Hi @Jing_Tao, I wanted to kindly redirect you to our contact page for any pricing inquiries you may have, as the forum is primarily focused on addressing developer-related questions. Our dedicated team on the contact page will be more than happy to assist you with pricing details. Thank you for your understanding!

I have submit my personal info in contact page five days ago. However, i haven’t received any mails from dwolla salers.

Hi @Jing_Tao – our logs show that we reached back out on Wed, Jul 19, 2023 at 12:12 AM CT. Would you be able to check your spam folder to see if the email got routed to the wrong folder?

There are no dwolla mails in my spam folder

Apologies. From my end I see that Lexi from our team has had an email correspondence with you. I will have our team reach back out again!

Ok, hope for Lexi’s reply.

Hi, i haven’t received any replies yet, can you replay at this channel?

Hi @Jing_Tao, I’m afraid I’m not equipped to help answer pricing related questions. However, I did start a new email thread between you, Lexi and myself. Would you be able to confirm if you received it?

Oh, thx.I have received!

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