Bank to wallet and wallet to bank

Hi @shreya

I have a one question - if customer is adding funds in wallet from Bank A and after X months withdraw funds from wallet into Bank B. Is this allowed by Dwolla?

Please confirm.

Hi @sanjay-cygnet – yes, this is allowed. The wallet or Dwolla Balance belongs to the Customer, so they can hold funds in the wallet for as long as they want and can withdraw it to any bank account they attach.

Thanks. Another question? - Can we attach more then one bank account for one customer with exact same account details?

It’s allowed in sandbox env.

In sandbox, while creating new customer, we are receiving ‘customer_verified’ webhook before ‘customer_created’ sometime. Is it possible to get ‘customer_verified’ webhook delayed after ‘customer_created’. The issue is, We are saving customer walletId in our database when customer_verified webhook come. But it causing issue when customer_verified webhook come before customer_created webhook.

This shouldn’t be allowed. Attempting to add an existing bank account to the same Customer will result in a DuplicateResource error. Would you be able to share the two bank account IDs that have the same details? We can take a look on our end if there is a bug.

As for the webhooks, it is not guaranteed that they will be sent in order. What you can do is ignore the customer_verified webhook if you haven’t received a customer_created event yet, and let Dwolla retry the webhook.

How we know customer_created webhook come or not while receiving customer_verified webhook ?

You could check the Customer resource ID in the webhook. If it matches the one you have in your storage for which you’ve already received a customer_created, then you can safely acknowledge the webhook. Otherwise, you can reject or ignore it so that it can retry based off of this back-off schedule - API Reference | Webhook Subscriptions

Yes, Thanks. Implemented that way.