Business Verified Customer drop in component calling the wrong endpoint

I successfully tested the flow end to end for using the drop in component for a business verified customer when using a sandbox account. I recently got approved, however, when I try to test it using my production keys and setting the Dwolla env to prod, it is failing to get data from the business-classifications endpoint.

When using the sandbox credentials and setting the Dwolla env to sandbox, the drop in component correctly calls the right end point However, when using the production credentials and setting the Dwolla env to prod, it’s instead attempting to call my localhost (see screenshot below).

Am I missing something that I need to configure for the drop in component? Literally the only difference in my code is setting the env from sandbox β†’ prod when calling dwolla.configure. Thanks in advance for taking a look.

Hi @Teddy_Coleman! Would you be able to share the confirmation step of your implementation? Also, if you change dwolla-web.js version to v2.1.8 from v2 when including the CDN script, does that make any difference?

Let us know when you get a chance!

@shreya yes, bumping from v2 β†’ v2.1.8 did the trick. Thank you for the quick response!

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