Upgrading a unverified customer to Business Verified

We are currently trying to upgrade a customer account to a Business Verified.

We are attempting to do so using the <dwolla-business-vcr> drop-in component. Whenever we direct a customer to our page that has implemented that drop in component they are able to successfully fill out the form but they get the error A customer with the specified email already exists.

Is there a different drop-in component that we should be using to upgrade these accounts?

Were able to successfully upgrade customer accounts to Personal Verified using the <dwolla-customer-update> drop-in component without any issues. Is it possible to use the same component with business verified customers?

I am also running into issues with this. Can someone from the Dwolla team chime in?

Currently, we are creating unverified customers and attempting to upgrade them to business verified. We are getting an error using the dwolla-business-vcr component because it is trying to create a new user when a user already exists with that email address.

What component should we be using to upgrade to business verified? Or should we build a custom component to achieve this?

Hi @Tadeo_Garcia and @Conor_Brennan!

The <dwolla-customer-update> component only supports upgrading Unverified Customers to Personal Verified Customers. I’m afraid there isn’t a way to accomplish upgrading to a Business Verified Customer via the drop-in components currently. However, I’ve logged this as feedback for our Product team to consider!

In the meantime, to get around this limitation, I would recommend deactivating the existing Unverified Customer and using the <dwolla-business-vcr> drop-in to create a new Business Customer account for them.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

Hi @shreya thank you for getting back to us.

Is there any way to upgrade an unverified customer to a Business Verified Customer at all? Or is the only option to deactivating and creating a new business customer?

Hi @Conor_Brennan – There is a way to upgrade an unverified customer to a Business Verified Customer via the API! You could use the API to upgrade them, and then use the <dwolla-business-vcr> drop-in to handle the retry and document statuses that the Business Customer might fall into.


@Conor_Brennan @Tadeo_Garcia if you don’t want to build this out yourself, Corinth supports upgrading Customers from Unverified → Business Verified. When creating an Account in the dashboard, check the Verified Business checkbox and provide the Dwolla Customer ID of your existing Unverified customer. Then when you generate an Account Link, that URL will put your user on the business upgrade form.

We’re currently in beta but expect to be ready for production by the middle to end of next week. Happy for any feedback if you get a chance to kick the tires.

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