Cancel a pending transaction if that has no cancel link


A transfer has initiated from my Dwolla account verified funding source to a dwolla customer verified funding source. Now I want to cancel that transfer, I have tried to cancel by sending cancelled status in API, but that results in Not Allowed because that transfer does not have cancel link.
Now, how can I cancel that transfer? Transfer has made on production environment.
Here is the transaction id: 6460f010-626e-ec11-8156-8e1d4efcd7e8

Thank you.

Any updates on that?Looking forward to get resolved.

Hi @Zubaria , The transaction was created at 2pmCT on 1/5, which means that it would have only been eligible for cancelation for approximately 2 hours after creation. We send these instructions to the ACH network to debit the source account and unfortunately there isn’t a way to cancel that request once it’s been sent. After reviewing the transaction, it appears that it has completed to the recipient’s bank account as of yesterday morning. You will likely want to contact the recipient and have them initiate a refund back from their bank account.