Currently getting 500 error from dwolla servers when trying to add a bank account from my sandbox env

I am currently using trying to add a bank account and getting a 500 response when the user tries to add a bank account. The error occurs on the last step when choosing which account to add. User is attempting to use instant verification. Sandbox environment.

Hi @TranZynergy, are you running into 500s consistently? Do you have a screenshot of the IAV modal as well as the network traffic in your browser console?

I’m getting a similar issue.

2021-12-20_16-38-24 (1)

Thanks for the screencast, @KevinMcKee!

I am able to recreate as well. I have notified our dev team about this issue. I’ll post updates in this thread!

Hi @TranZynergy, @KevinMcKee! This issue has now been resolved.

Thank you for reporting!

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