Sandbox Server Error

Hey Dwolla Team!

Received this server error from Dwolla while testing in Sandbox.

Tried creating a verified customer in the sandbox environment but getting 500 Server Error from Dwolla (testing Document edge case).

This is the error message: A server error occurred. Error ID: fbb792ba-f849-4ee6-90fa-ad2b8d6540c0.
The request is (logged from fake data in development env):

  firstName: 'document',
  lastName: 'new',
  email: '',
  type: 'personal',
  address1: '2992 Cameron Road',
  city: 'Malakoff',
  state: 'NY',
  postalCode: '14236',
  dateOfBirth: '1998-10-24',
  ssn: '3823'

No longer getting the 500 error…

Hi Kevin! Thanks for following up on that! Looks like there was minor blip in Sandbox that caused us to throw a Server error.

If you continue to run into such issues going forward, do let us know!