Getting 500 server error when creating verified customer

I have just started getting server error in response when trying to create new verified customers. Previously with the same server logic involved it was fine. Does it have anything to do with Dwolla server side, or it is me?

By the way, all other endpoints function as usual.

Here is the latest error payload I got:
“code”: “ServerError”,
“message”: “A server error occurred. Error ID: aeccc69d-d115-4670-a86c-0879465393b4.”

@kostyabek Same for me, customer and beneficial owners creation are returning errors

  code: 'ServerError',
  message: 'A server error occurred. Error ID: 17a23c94-3ce5-48fd-806c-141b0bfef4e6.'

beneficial owners ep

    "message":"There was a communication error."

Hi @ccuciurca and @kostyabek

We’re looking into this. Just wanted to check and see if this was occurring in your production environments? I just tried it out in sandbox and received a 201 ok

ah I see it’s in sandbox. We’re looking into now team!

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Hi guys

You both should be good to go now. Please lmk if not!