Customer account deactivated by Dwolla

When a customer account is suspended by Dwolla, what are the steps that the customer or the client (company interfacing with Dwolla) can take? Is there a path to registering a new bank account rather than the whole customer being blocked? It looks like from our experience that when a customer has a bad transfer, the whole account is blocked, so even if the customer wants to add a new bank account they are blocked. If we want to tweak this behavior what are our options? Such as, if we determine that that customer should not be able to add the bank account that made the poor transfer, but add new bank accounts.

Hi @paul.yeo – when a Customer is suspended, the Client would have to reach out to Dwolla to have the Customer unsuspended. This may require approval from the internal teams based on the scenario that caused the Customer to fall into suspended status. After the Customer has been unsuspended, you can remove the bank account that caused the suspension and add a new one for transfers!

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any questions!