Difference in Scope


I am having some issues with the changeover from Sandbox to Production.

In the sandbox, my ‘app’ has the ManageCustomers scope, Production doesn’t even give me the option. When trying to create an unverified customer for production I keep getting one of the following errors:

Unhandled rejection Error: {“code”:“InvalidScope”,“message”:“Missing or invalid scopes for requested endpoint.”}


Unhandled rejection Error: {“code”:“InvalidAccessToken”,“message”:“Invalid access token.”}

I believe the scope issue is due to the fact that in the Sandbox I have the permission for ‘ManageCustomers’, production does not.

The “Invalid access token” doesn’t make sense either. In Sandbox it works authenticates just fine, Production throws that error. The only things that change are the Key and Secret then of course generate a new access_token with that pair.

The url’s I am pointing to for each are the following:
Sandbox: https://api-sandbox.dwolla.com/
Production: https://api.dwolla.com/

Your help is appreicated.

(Shea Daniels) #2

Hi @Bohica1,

The ability to create customers via the ManageCustomers scope is a premium feature that requires an Access API contract. If you’re in a contract, your account manager should be able to help.

If not, we’d love to connect with you. You can get started by contacting an integration expert.


Perfect, Thank you!