Missing or invalid scopes for requested endpoint when creating customer

(GauthamPrabu) #1


I am working as a developer in Deluge Script. I have integrated zoho creator with Dwolla sandox account. I got successful in getting authorization and access token etc. When i am trying to create customer from my creator account to Dwolla sandox account i got error like “Missing or invalid scopes for requested endpoint”.

I don’t know how to pass the scope parameter and also i have tried something but still i couldn’t.

Please assist me someone to fix.

My code is as follow:

void Dwolla.Create_customer()
mymap = map();
header = map();
mymap.put(“firstName”, " prabkar");
mymap.put(“lastName”, " gautham");
mymap.put(“email”, "prabkaran546n@gmail.com");
header.put(“Content-Type”, (“application/vnd.dwolla.v1.hal+json”));
header.put(“Accept”, (“application/vnd.dwolla.v1.hal+json”));
header.put(“Authorization”, “Bearer 0uJiwY5VsUw4boRBpyY9X7fa700AcXCayWpWfXZCVOI5n0ODca”);
header.put(“access_token”, “0uJiwY5VsUw4boRBpyY9X7fa700AcXCayWpWfXZCVOI5n0ODca”);
resp = postUrl(“https://api.dwolla.com/customers”, header, mymap,false);
info resp;

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@GauthamPrabu, Scopes are contained on an access token after a user account grants authorization to an application. It appears that you are calling the Customers endpoint in production which requires an access token with the ManageCustomers scope. This is a private scope that cannot be activated in our production environment until you’ve received our approval to use it and have entered into an agreement with us. Please contact a sales representative to find a package that best meets your needs!

(Rashmi M Mhatre ) #3

Hi @spencer I am facing issue while adding customers on Dwolla with below error message,

  "code" :"InvalidTokenType",
  "message":"The requested endpoint requires an account token."

Do I also need to contact sales team of Dwolla for premium previlage?

Thanks in advance!