Do Funding Source URLs Expire?

Once a card has been added for a given customer ID, does the returned funding source URL ever expire?

Wondering how to architect our back end around this. For example, could we store a funding source url in a database to allow a customer to initiate a new transfer without having to re-enter card details?

Hi @Cody_Eddings ,

Funding source URLs do not expire.

We recommend saving the newly created funding-source URL or even better, it’s unique ID in the database to create transfers within the future.

Creating a new card funding-source anytime a Customer needs to create a transfer isn’t necessary.

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Got it. And is there a limit on the number of card funding sources that can be added to a customer? It seems like that number is 2 in my testing.

Hi @Cody_Eddings ,

That’s correct. The default card limit for a customer in the sandbox is 2. If you need to increase this number in your testing environment, just let me know by how many, and I can go in and change that for you.

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I see, thanks @kmoreira . What’s the limit in production? Our use case will involve customers adding any number of debit cards over an indefinite period of time.

Hi @Cody_Eddings,

The default card limit in production is also 2. If you need a higher limit, this is something to bring up in the conversation you’ll have with a Dwolla Sales Rep as it needs approval.