Dwolla Payin issue

Why dwolla dashboard is not providing payment customer to dwolla master account.
If payment fail from Node js api then how to handle this situation

Hi @Preeti_gupta – the dashboard only supports a payouts funds flow (sending funds to users from the Main account). All other use cases will need to be built out on your app/platform and integration with the Dwolla API so your users can initiate payments.

As for handling transfer failure scenarios, we recommend maintaining an active webhook subscription so you can be notified of all actions that occur in your Dwolla account, including transfer failure events.

Here’s a doc on transfer failures to start with! Let us know if you have any specific questions!

Hi Shreya
Thanks for your support, how to see Insufficient Funds (R01), in catch only , I found errors: [
code: ‘Invalid’,
message: ‘Invalid destination funding source.’,
path: ‘/_links/destination/href’,
_links: {}
but code is not here , like R01, R02 etc…
Plz help me regarding this

Hi @Preeti_gupta – here’s our doc on simulating transfer failures - Getting started in the sandbox | Dwolla API Documentation