Getting Error While getting card funding sources token

Hello, I want to create card funding source token and, I am getting this error
“code” => “InvalidScope”
“message” => “Application does not have required scopes for creating token.”
My Email is Please enable it for my account

Hi @shivam,

Sorry for the late response. I think we were able to do this for you yesterday. Let me know if you’re still having issues

Hii @kmoreira,

Thankyou , working fine now .

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Hello ,

How can we run script of dwolla , to add bank account verified by IAV token in mobile app ?

Thank you

Hi @shivam

Unfortunately we don’t have a native IAV experience at this time. The work around for this would be to have the IAV experience in a WebView (or something similar) for now. I did bring this up with our team to see if/when we would be able to offer this on mobile in the future.