Here is how to test the new Dwolla sandbox

Continuing the discussion from Assistance testing the Dwolla API sandbox:

It’s safe to say we got more than 10 people reaching out and after a few Hackathons we’d like to put this out for more feedback:

To test the sandbox. You can find the documentation here:

You can find the sandbox here:

There are few things to note:

  • You need a UAT account (test) to use the sandbox ( )
  • The labeling of the UAT (test) system will improve
  • Do not enter “real” data into the sandbox, e.g. real names or financial information that belong to an actual person
  • All your testing data is going to be wiped when this goes to full production
  • The user experience is not final and we’d love your feedback there on what you’d like to see work differently. It needs love!
  • From Legal. The feedback you give is voluntary and does not create any intellectual property rights for you.

Any feedback you have we’d love to see on the board.

Other thoughts:

  • Please keep in mind this is a BETA. Your feedback will be helpful and there are many little changes in flight.