How can we recover Dwolla Activation Fee and Plaid Bank Account Fee from our user?


We are planning to charge Dwolla Activation Fee and Plaid Bank Account Fee from a user as soon as they Activate their wallet.

Can you suggest a way where we recover this cost from user without creating debt on a user?

Hi @siddharth.seksaria , If you’re looking to use Dwolla to collect this fee then the only way would be to create a transfer that acts as the fee, or incur the cost via a Facilitator fee when they make a payment on your platform. How your platform chooses to do pricing is up to you as there are different variations of how this can be accomplished (subscription fee, per transaction pricing, etc.)

Thank you Spencer for your response.

So you mean, we can only collect the fee when they make a payment.

If user activated the wallet and never made the payment then we won’t be able to recover the Wallet activate fee of USD $3.00 from that user but we will be charged for user wallet activation in our monthly billing. Is this correct statement?

That’s correct