How to trigger microdeposits completed event in sandbox?

Hello, I’m testing Micro-Deposits verification in the sandbox environment and I’m trying to test the flow when the customer initiates MicroDeposits verification and webhook should receive “customer_microdeposits_completed” event to notify the customer that he can now verify amounts.

For some reason in the sandbox environment webhook receives only “customer_microdeposits_added” event but not “customer_microdeposits_completed”.

Is there any way I can have “customer_microdeposits_completed” triggered in the sandbox to test real-life scenarios?


Hi @Alex_Di – after you initiate microdeposits in Sandbox, you can simulate the customer_microdeposits_completed event in the following two ways -

Hope that helps!

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Thank you Shreya, this is really helpful!

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You bet! Glad that helped! :slight_smile: