IAV doesn't work for some banks?

I am using Dwolla’s IAV flow.
It works when I use my login credentials for some banks e.g. Alaska USA Federal Credit Union but doesn’t work when I use my login credentials for other banks e.g. KeyBank, Novo.

I’ve verified by going to the respective bank websites that the login credentials are correct, but I still see the error message:
“Please make sure your login or security information is correct.”

Is there any restriction when using the IAV flow? and is there a way to get another error message for our users?



Hi @firstbrick – I checked our third party bank verification service’s website, and it does look like IAV is enabled for KeyBank (personal Bank) but not for Keybank (Business Bank) or Novo. Were you perhaps trying to log in to a Business Bank? That sometimes produces the aforementioned error.

Would you be able to share the Customer ID for the account you were attempting the IAV flow? I could take a deeper look into our logs to see if I find anything different from what I mentioned!

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