Invalid Funds Flow

Hi, a customer tried to make a payment and received the following error: "Invalid Funds Flow: this operation required the funds flow receive to be enabled. Has anyone had this problem before? Thanks

Hi @Miashare – Upon checking your account, it looks like you have the Send funds flow enabled which only allows you to create pay-outs to your Customers. Attempting to create a pay-in from a Customer into your Master account will result in the above error.

If you’d like to create pay-outs as well as pay-ins, you’d have to choose a combination of both Send and Receive funds flows.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Thanks @shreya ere do we do this? How do we turn Receive on?

We are following this guide

Hi @Miashare! Apologies for getting back to you late! Looks like we were able to turn that on for you!

You should now be able to both Send and Receive!