Issuing Paper Checks

In the case where some of our customers do not accept ACH, we need the ability to issue paper checks from a Dwolla Balance account. Since Dwolla does not support the ability to mail paper checks, we plan to leverage another service api to issue the check.

However, we want the funding source to be our Dwolla Balance which is our hub for making payments.

Can we setup a VAN on the Business Verified Customer and then use the corresponding Account and Routing Number as the funding source of payment for the check issuing service?

Is there a better option than what is described above? Would love for Dwolla to add support for paper check issuance. That would solve a lot of headaches for us.

thanks, Rick

Hi @Rick – I’m afraid Dwolla doesn’t currently support paper check issuance. The option you have described is the best way to accomplish this scenario!

When you get a chance, would you mind reaching us out at regarding VANs? Our Customer Excellence team will be able to help you to get VANs enabled for your account and provide the information required for integrating VANs! Let us know if you have any questions!

Hi @Rick , The approach you outlined makes sense with regards to using the VAN to pull from when issuing the check with another API provider. You could hypothetically use a service like Lob to add the VAN as a bank account and then create checks that would debit from that VAN (which would pull from the balance).