KBA session duration

I was wondering how long KBA session is valid?
From my sandbox testing it looks like ~ 2 min. Is it the same on production?

Hi @klaudia.on – yes, it’s the same in Production. The two minutes timer kicks in when you retrieve the KBA questions.

Thanks @shreya. I have follow-up question: Let’s say we’re starting KBA session and retrieving questions. Then we won’t send you answers within 2 min. Shouldn’t Dwolla customer status be changed to ‘document’ automatically? I can see that on sandbox we have to try to send answers to receive 'customer_verification_document_needed` webhook. Can we expect the same behaviour in production?

Hi @klaudia.on – the same behavior exists in Production as well – a request to the API after a KBA session expires is what triggers the document status for the Customer.