Link to user's ewallet

Hi! We are building an App and would like to use Dwolla for user’s P2P transactions.
My question is: Is it mandatory to include a link for the user to access their Dwolla e-wallet? Is there any documentation about it? What would be the format or cadence of this direct access? The intention is that users remain in the App and avoid getting them out of the App experience :slight_smile:

Hi @Rodolfo_Cuadros , It is mandatory that the user would be able to view their balance, and potentially create transfers to/from that balance. Specifically this is for Verified Customers where they can have an additional balance Funding Source that acts as an e-wallet. Keep in mind that Dwolla is primarily a while labeled platform, so any interaction with this balance/wallet would be solely done via your application. You would just be calling Dwolla’s API to retrieve that balance or create transfers to/from that balance. I included a few links above, but let us know if you have any additional questions!

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