MidFlorida Credit Union

(Karin Powell) #1

Just got an email from a school district parent (client) that tried to create a personal account:

My bank, MidFlorida Credit Union, would not connect via Dwolla and rejected the small deposits that Dwolla tried to make in order to verify my checking account.

MidFlorida doesn’t play with Dwolla?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

All U.S. bank or credit union accounts (checking or savings) should be able to be verified with micro-deposits. Please have this user reach out to Dwolla support (support@dwolla.com) and we can assist with why the micro-deposits failed to complete! It could’ve been something as small as mis-keying their account number when adding their bank details in Dwolla. This would cause an ACH return code (Typically, account not found) to be returned.

(Karin Powell) #3

Thank you, Spencer. That makes perfect sense. We’re going to get back with them to see if they have success after fixing things.