Pricing structure for different form of transfers

Hi - I have some questions regarding pricing for balance type transfers.


  1. Sender adds money into their balance
  2. Sender sends from their balance to the receiver’s balance
  3. Receiver receives money into their balance
  4. Receiver transfers it from balance to their bank account


  1. Sender sends from their bank account to the receiver’s bank account

How does the 0.5% pricing work in both cases?

How does the pricing apply for each of these steps
a. Transfer from sender’s bank account to balance?
b. Transfer from the sender’s balance to the receiver’s balance?
c. Transfer from the receiver’s balance to the receiver’s bank account?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @PriyanshuJain – Got this back from our Sales team,

In this scenario, the 0.5% transaction fee will apply 3 times:

  • Sender Bank Account —> Sender Balance
  • Sender balance —> Receiver Balance
  • Receiver Balance —> Receive Bank Account

In this scenario, it’s a 1 time fee of 0.5%.

If you like the Dwolla balance functionality and want to explore a flat monthly fee plan that includes transactions, please feel free to reach out to our Sales team at

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