Recommendation for payment history


I am struggling to understand whether we can use dwolla as the source of truth for all payment history or if yall recommend your customers to store a version of payment transaction history as well?

I am aware of the api docs of how to retrieve payment info
GET{id}/transfers however do yall recommend all apps to use this to enable our users to see their payment history or should we have a copy of it separately?

If we are good to use the endpoint, is there any additional cost tied to api usage?


Hi @cobour21 , what I typically see is that apps record/store payment history for end users and then utilize webhooks to track the state of various transactions. When a webhook is received, you’d call of to the Dwolla API to fetch the Dwolla transfer status which would potentially be mapped to your own status internally. That being said, you could utilize that endpoint for your end-users as a ledger that could be called and returned back to them within your own UI. For an example, view the Dwolla Dashboard for an individual Customer’s transaction. We actually call off to this endpoint to display payment activity. Regardless of which approach you choose to go with, we do not currently impose any additional cost to API usage.

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makes sense thank you.