Sandbox Error listing transactions

Hi, I’m trying the following request from dwollav2 python client to search for/retrieve a particular transfer with a correlationId. It may not exist in Dwolla.

“GET /customers/{customer_id}/transfers?correlationId={our internal id}”

Every so often and more recently almost always I get this in response:

ServerError: {“code”:“ServerError”,“message”:“A server error occurred. Error ID: fb1a6c63-6961-4eb5-bdf3-27be16154896.”}

The error ID in this example is real in case anyone from support can see something about it in the logs.

If I log into the dashboard, I also get a message about something going wrong. I retry a few times and it works, but then upon using the API again, it will return.

Any clues? Am I doing something wrong?


EDIT: I’m also wondering if this is a rate-limiting error or something.

Hi @sf500 – thanks for posting!

We see that error occasionally in Sandbox whenever there’s a high load of requests and our service has an error. I would like to learn how you’re using the Sandbox environment from a testing perspective, and see if that has anything to do with there being a frequent occurrence of such errors.

We generally recommend not using Sandbox as a part of automated tests that run often. If that isn’t an option, you could implement retry logic or build a fake Dwolla to test against similar to this blog post:

Hope that helps. Do let me know!