"There was a communication error." when trying to add Beneficial Owner


I’m trying to post this payload to create a beneficial owner in the sandbox:

    "firstName": "Ben",
    "lastName": "Ben",
    "dateOfBirth": "1982-12-24",
    "address": {
        "address1": "123 Ben",
        "city": "Ben",
        "stateProvinceRegion": "BD",
        "country": "AF"
    "passport": {
        "number": "525698569",
        "country": "AF"

And the only error returned is:

    "code": "CommunicationError",
    "message": "There was a communication error."

Is there something I’m neglecting to send?

Hi @strazi,

Your request body is formatted correctly and it should work, but it looks like we’re currently experiencing issues with creating non-US Beneficial owners, basically meaning omitting the ssn field and supplying the passport object. I’ll be reporting back to the team to have investigate and find a fix. I’ll keep you updated here!

Meanwhile, please continue testing creating beneficial owner requests with the ssn provided. I apologize for the inconvenience. :pray:

Indeed US based beneficial owners have been working fine.

Is there some sort of status page that gets updated for issues like this? This is the second time I’ve had an error only to find there’s something on Dwolla’s end that isn’t working.

Hi @strazi, This looks to be an isolated issue in Sandbox and you were the first to report. Unfortunately this exception got passed our automated tests that systematically post to our status page. We apologize for the inconvenience and this being your second issue that has popped up. We’re working on getting a fix out for this particular issue asap. We’ll get an incident posted to our status page to record this issue and will follow up with more details as we progress!

Hi @strazi, This has been fixed. Sorry for the delay and troubles you have encountered while testing! Hopefully your Sandbox experience is smooth sailing from here on out, but if something comes up, please don’t hesitate to reach out. :slight_smile: